Where to Start

Kansas City Gardening Consultations

If you’re here, it means you might just need a little advice to get you going in the right direction. Or it could mean you’re gearing up to convert your yard into a small farm. Regardless, the best place to start is with a conversation.

When can we come over? We’ll meet at your place, stand in your yard, and spend some time with you to talk through the obstacles of gardening and how to move past them. We'll locate the best place for a garden in your yard, listen to your ideas and alert you to new ones, and set realistic expectations for a personalized garden. We will offer seasoned advice and list out next steps for your edible garden.

A few benefits of an in-home consultation:

  • We’re on your turf (literally) so we can give you actual advice for actually you, and only you.
  • You get to talk. We want to hear your ideas and dreams, not just pitch ours.
  • Even if you don’t hire us, we expect you’ll feel encouraged and inspired to dig in yourself.