How can we help you?

Our goal is to remove obstacles between you and your garden. We do that in a variety of ways.

pre-existing gardens

You've started a garden with excitement, and then life became...well, life... and now you can't spend as much time in the backyard as you'd like? We get it, and we'd like to help. 

We would love to meet you, see the garden you've started, and show you how we can take the burden of caring for it off you.

That's me!

too little space

You love eating fresh and the beauty of green, growing things, but you live in an apartment, or your yard isn't ideal for a full box-garden? 

There are still many options! Don't assume that gardening isn't an option. Let us look at your space and give you some pushes in the right direction.

You described it!


You want a lot of veggies. You're speaking our language. We offer homestead services to help you launch your dream garden-bordering-on-farm.

Let's do it!

it all starts with a consultation

No matter what boat you're in, it all begins with a sixty-minute conversation at your home. We'll hear your story and determine the best way forward for you and your garden.