(a few of)

The many benefits of having your own vegetable garden

The benefits to gardening are so many, we can't imagine anyone not wanting to jump in.

Just to list a few...

Getting outside

Everyone needs sun, and a garden will pull you out just enough. Your kids will love having you in the backyard with them and might look away from their screens long enough to learn how a carrot grows.


eating fresh

You’ll begin to wish you owned your own restaurant when you pop a basil leaf in your mouth along with a fresh, time-ripened tomato. Salads, bruschetta, herb roasted chicken stevia sweetened tea and fresh pico de gallo await your enjoyment.

delicious eats

You’ll 100% taste the difference in quality when you begin making your own fresh plates.


relieving stress

More and more studies are showing the positive impact of sharing a hobby you love. When the stress of family life, work, or other demands are weighing you down, find solace in the dirt. Gardening in itself is a mindful hobby, but not difficult. Goocking is also. When you have barely stumbled through the door after hours in traffic, what’s more wonderful than the smell of fresh herbs being crushed filling your kitchen? Let your garden welcome you home.

It's Fun!